Last Day in Kenya!

Our 9-day Medical Camp has finally come to an end…

We saw a total of 3308 MCF children and members of the surrounding region—a new record high!

Medical Camp Recap

Final Day

Our final day in Ndalani began with an early morning climb to the top of Mulli Mountain at 6am before breakfast.

After quite (literally) a breathtaking hike, we left MCF Ndalani and boarded our bus to Nairobi, where we stayed for a night. The next day, our team split up to go on a safari tour, while the rest of us were surprised with a tour of Nairobi National Park and a visit to the Giraffe Centre before our flight back home. 

Many thanks to the generous donor who made this possible! We are extremely grateful to you and all of our supporters, leaders, and the MCF staff. This trip couldn’t have been a huge success without you all.

Asante sana!

Thank you very much!


Team Upendo

Masai Ujiri/Giants of Africa at MCF

Last Day of the MCF Medical Camp

Friday, Aug 16, was the last day of our Medical Camp. The crowds seemed to grow with each new day. On the last day, patients were arriving at 4 am!

Team Upendo was able to serve over 600 people for the last couple of days. Many have been in pain for years. It was so humbling and gratifying to see how resilient our patients were and how much they appreciate our services.

To top off an amazing 2 weeks at MCF, two of our alumni MCF team mates were baptized by Dr. Charles Mulli and our entire Team celebrated the joyous occasion!

Medicine Finally Arrives at the MCF Medical Camp!

Thank You to all our Prayer Warriors and everyone who helped to get our HPIC Medicines out of customs at the Nairobi Airport!!

On Aug 15, the second last day of our medical camp, we finally received our 19 boxes of HPIC Medicine!

It is only by God’s miraculous provision and grace that we can run 7 days of a Medical Camp, without the medicine that we had brought from Canada! How is that humanly possible?

Dr Charles Mulli is so thankful to HPIC and all our donors for providing MCF and their surrounding community with the much needed medicine!

Wednesday August 14

Today we triaged a record of 603 people!

On Monday we reopened the clinic to the surrounding community. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of people who have walked from near and far to receive much needed medical services. Despite having limited medication, we were able to provide medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and optical care over the past few days by purchasing some local medicine—thanks to the donations of our generous donors!

Sun August 11

This past Sunday we took a day off from clinic to attend a church service at MCF Ndalani, including praise and worship and a sermon by Dr. Charles Mully.

Following this, we took an hour-long bus ride to visit the women and children of MCF Yatta. We toured the greenhouse and interacted with the women in their sewing and hair dressing classes.

HPIC Medication

Today, our 20 boxes of HPIC medication were approved by the Kenyan Poison Control Board and are hopefully on their way to us.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

Day 9 – We the North @ MCF Ndalani!

Tuesday, Aug 13th started as usual, with 7 am devotions (Spiritual Reflection on Forgiveness), breakfast at 7:30 and the Medical Camp started at 8:15 am. Hundreds of Kenyans from the local community were already waiting since 6 am.

As the morning chaos started to get organized and patients started to be registered and triaged, we had a wonderful unexpected treat!

The new MCF stadium, which is still being built, was being utilized for a very special group of MCF Children.

Who would have expected to see Masai Ujiri, President of the Toronto Raptors and NBA Champions, running a basketball camp at MCF Ndalani!

Masai was so gracious and friendly, that he took many pictures with our team and signed many autographs, including shirts and scrubs!

Masai Ujiri, Charles Mulli and some members of Team Upendo!

How Cool was that!

Afterwards, Team Upendo continued to serve over 400 patients with Medical, Dental, Optometry and Pharmaceutical services. In addition, we started to provide Servant Leadership Training to MCF Teachers and staff.

Please continue praying for our Team and that the HPIC Medicine will be approved by the Kenyan Poison Control Board, so that we will have enough medicine for all the people we are serving!

Medical Camp Updates


August 7

After our early morning arrival to MCF Ndalani, we received a warm welcome and orientation for the day. We toured the grounds and visited the children in their classrooms.


August 8-9

Throughout two days we saw over 600 MCF children at our free medical clinic.


August 10

Despite a few bumps along the road, we were able to successfully open up the clinic to the surrounding the community.

We ask for your continued prayer and support as we await the approval of our 20 boxes of medication at the airport.