Wednesday August 14

Today we triaged a record of 603 people!

On Monday we reopened the clinic to the surrounding community. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of people who have walked from near and far to receive much needed medical services. Despite having limited medication, we were able to provide medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and optical care over the past few days by purchasing some local medicine—thanks to the donations of our generous donors!

Sun August 11

This past Sunday we took a day off from clinic to attend a church service at MCF Ndalani, including praise and worship and a sermon by Dr. Charles Mully.

Following this, we took an hour-long bus ride to visit the women and children of MCF Yatta. We toured the greenhouse and interacted with the women in their sewing and hair dressing classes.

HPIC Medication

Today, our 20 boxes of HPIC medication were approved by the Kenyan Poison Control Board and are hopefully on their way to us.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!

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