Prayer List

Thankful for the following Answered Prayers:

  • 51 Canadian team members including 4 doctors, 3 dentists, 3 optometrists, 2 pharmacists, 8 nurses and a wonderful support team
  • Our Logistics Leader has been given the go ahead from his Physician on July 29th to continue with our trip!
  • Our 2 portable Dental Units were repaired in the US and returned in time!
  • One of our Dentist’s Dad had been healed from a serious illness!
  • Donations have been very generous and the Lord continues to provide, so that we can serve 6000+ people!
  • Safe arrival of our 104 checked luggage, of which 75 are donated items

Please Pray for the following Items:

  1. Our 20 boxes of HPIC medicine to be approved by the Kenyan Poison Control Board, so that we have enough medicine for the Health Clinic
  2. One of our Team Members who recently found out he has a rare incurable bone marrow disease
  3. One of our volunteer Physician’s Mother-In-Law was recently diagnosed with cancer
  4. One of our Optometrists’ Dad’s health and care, as he has mobility issues and will be alone during the trip
  5. Health and safety for our entire team as we travel and serve in Kenya, as well as for our families who will stay in Toronto
  6. God’s provision and wisdom for all the much needed medicine, medical/dental/optometry supplies/equipment and food for the patients, as we now have been asked to help 6000+ people in 9 days (or 49 seconds per person)
  7. Time management and preparation for the trip (Spiritual, Physical, Psychological and Logistical) as we are in our final stretch
  8. Team unity (particularly with the size of our team) and that God would enable us to fulfill His purposes in this trip
  9. Ability for our Team to cope in different environments (including culture, heat, bugs, food, spiritual, physical and emotional health), especially the 27 people who have never been to MCF