Day 9 – We the North @ MCF Ndalani!

Tuesday, Aug 13th started as usual, with 7 am devotions (Spiritual Reflection on Forgiveness), breakfast at 7:30 and the Medical Camp started at 8:15 am. Hundreds of Kenyans from the local community were already waiting since 6 am.

As the morning chaos started to get organized and patients started to be registered and triaged, we had a wonderful unexpected treat!

The new MCF stadium, which is still being built, was being utilized for a very special group of MCF Children.

Who would have expected to see Masai Ujiri, President of the Toronto Raptors and NBA Champions, running a basketball camp at MCF Ndalani!

Masai was so gracious and friendly, that he took many pictures with our team and signed many autographs, including shirts and scrubs!

Masai Ujiri, Charles Mulli and some members of Team Upendo!

How Cool was that!

Afterwards, Team Upendo continued to serve over 400 patients with Medical, Dental, Optometry and Pharmaceutical services. In addition, we started to provide Servant Leadership Training to MCF Teachers and staff.

Please continue praying for our Team and that the HPIC Medicine will be approved by the Kenyan Poison Control Board, so that we will have enough medicine for all the people we are serving!

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – We the North @ MCF Ndalani!

  1. Keep up the great work and hope your medicines are soon available! Best of luck on this mission!

    From a colleague of Kelly Mah 🙂


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